Jozina Marina

Jozina Marina van Hees

  • Born: 18-05-1944
  • 1965 Teacher College
  • 1967-1969 Academy of Industrial Design at Eindhoven
  • 1978-1982 Academy of Visual Arts St.Joost at Breda
  • department of Monumental Art
  • 1983 Teacher’s certificate in Monumental Art
  • 1997 Course Design & Technology at University of Greenwich
  • Member of the Advisory committee Art and Culture, Municipality of Goirle untill 1990
  • 1984 Artists group ‘Wit’, member and member of the board.
  • 1984 Member of the board of the MBK (Artists society of central Brabant)
  • 2002 Member of the board of the foundation ‘Kunst-En’
  • Untill 2004  several solo exhibitions in galeries, universities, theaters, art-exchanges and several group exhibitions in galeries, universities, theaters and art-exchanges.
  • Exhibitions in Portugal and Russia.
  • Private art-collectors
  • Art-exchanges
  • Commisions
  • In several newspapers and magazines
  • Catalogues.


2004 ‘Infinit Image’ solo exhibition, Gallery Germinahof


2005 International Art Festival in Magdeburg ‘Time Travel’, with the digital-art work ‘Gates to the past’

  • · Winter-exhibition Gallery Germinahof ‘Art in edition’
  •  Gala gallery Magdeburg, sales exhibition of digital-art
  • · Project ‘tRAUMgeBILDE’ Kulturambt Magdeburg
  • · Cultural Centre of Schijndel, Jubilee exhibition with digital-art.
  • · Catalogue Art Festival Magdeburg
  • · Catalogue KEG Foundation
  • · Publication in ‘Der Volksstimme’
  • · Publication in ‘Der Wirtschaftsspiegel’


2006 Gallery De Sigarenfabriek Delft, ’Along the borders of the present’, with digital triptychs

  • · Gallery Art-Depot Magdeburg, sales exhibition of digital art
  • · Gallery ‘Germinahof’, Jubilee exhibition with digital art
  • · Exhibition of electronic art in ‘Gallery Maison van Stijn’ France
  •   Catalogue ‘Flurbegehung’, ‘Inspection of the hallway’.


2007 Cultural centre KEG at Schijndel, solo exhibition ’Uhrplötzlich reift sich das Ganze’.

  • · Gallery ’Le Garage’ at Eindhoven. Solo exhibition of digital-art and paintings ”       Endless Images’
  • · Museum MET Budapest
  • · Gallery Magyar Muhely Budapest
  • · Catalogue ‘GERMINAHOF 1981 – 2006’
  • · Publication in the Brabant daily newspaper
  • · Publication in the Schijndel newspaper


2008 Gallery of the University of Debrecen Hungary (6-12-07 till 6-02-08)

  • · Catalogue Mátric 2007. International exhibition of “Electronic Art”
  • · 01-09 till 30-09 Gallery ‘de Steenfabriek’, paintings and pigment prints
  • · 17-08 till 31-08 ‘Bewegter Wind”; an open air exhibition in Korbach, Germany
  • · Tasmania, readings about my work in the context of exchange, in the period     March and April by Henk Wijnen
  • · DVD documentation for Tasmania
  • · Interview by art-historian Marije Kos
  • · Catalogue ‘Windform 2008’, ’Bewegter Wind’ Gembeck Korbach, Germany.
  • · Publication in Daily newspaper


2009 Gallery ’de Wandelgangen’ townhall of Hilvarenbeek, Holland.

  • · 06-12 till 31-01-2010 Galerie Kunstwan, group
  • · Publication Hilverbode
  • · Publication Brabants Dagblad


2010 Galery Kunstwan, group

  • · Gallery ‘de Lawei’ at Drachten from 29 august - 10 october. Selected by the Friese Miniprint Biennale .
  • · Gallery ‘de Ruimte’ at Geldrop from 16 may - 27 june, group.
  • · Gallery ‘Duna‘ 25 aug. - 12 september. Budapest Hungaria, group. Matrices 2010
  • · Museum Magyar, (4 works in selection Hungarian Electrografic Art Association)
  • · A.A.G.-art at the A.A.G.-building Den Bosch Netherlands, november - december solo.
  • · Gallery Kunstwan, nov-dec, exhibition ’under 100’, group
  • · Publications in the ‘Leeuwarder Courant’
  • · Publication in the ‘Friesch Dagblad;
  • · DVD-catalogue Friese Miniprint Biennale.


2011 CKE Eindhoven solo photo-exhibition (4 june - 9 july)

  • · Galery Holtrop Tilburg Holland, solo ‘re-created time’. 4 sept. - 23 nov.
  • · City-Hall Helmond Holland, photo-exhibition on site
  • · Catalogue Matrices 2010 Budapest
  • · Publication catalogue ‘Veelluiken’
  • · Publication catalogue ‘Recreated time’
  • · Publication photo-album ’India Noord’
  • · Interview LOG with video-shots.
  • · Appointment as Art Director in Gallery Holtrop
  • · Exhibition with group 6 - 27 november Gallery Holtrop
  • · Publication Brabants Dagblad by Nelly Hamers
  • · Project ’zie poezie.’
  •   Project India North  


2012 BKKC summer exhibition (28 june - 26 august)

  • · Publication album India South
  • · Project India South
  • · Gallery Holtrop ‘Kleintje Kunst’ november.
  • · Matrices 2012, Budapest Hungaria 10 dec. - 4febr. In the Buda Castle, MTA
  • · Publication ‘Dreammachine’
  • · Publication’ Erfgoed’ (Heritage)


2013 Gallery Holtrop, solo exhibition ‘Heritage’ (14 april – 19 may)

  • · Project Vietnam
  • · Gallery L’Etang d’Art in Bages France
  • · National Gallery Cadeques summer exhibition june - september
  • · Lessedra Gallery Sofia Bulgaria 13 june -
  • · Friese Miniprint Biennale Gallery de Laweij 7 april - 16 june
  • · Gallery Holtrop ‘Kleintje Kunst’, group November
  • · Le centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle in Ottawa 9 november - 16 december
  • · St. Anna-church in Molenschot Holland, solo
  • · ‘European Bridges Collection’ in the Museum of modern art in Constanta   Roumenia
  • · Two weeks symposium at Eforia-Sud Roumenia
  • · Publication album ‘Vietnam’
  • · Publication album ‘Who is afraid of…’
  • · Publication album ’Heritage’’
  • · Publication album ‘Macedonía’
  • · ‘Tadler Galeria Fort’ Cadaques, Spain, group
  • · Foundation Tharrays d’Art Grafics, Barcelona, group


2014 ‘European Bridges Collection of paintings,’ Senco Gallery, Boekarest (26 march)

  • · Taller Gallery Fort, Cadaques, Spain, group
  • · Fundation Tharrats d’Art Grafics, Barcelona, group
  • · Gallery L’Etang d’Art , Bages, France, group
  • · ‘Wingfields Barns’, Suffolk, UK, group
  • · Catalogue ‘Miniprint International de Cadaques.’ 2013
  • · Catalogue ‘12th Lessedra World Art Prints.’ 2013
  • · Catalogue ‘Glimp of the future’, Ottawa
  • · Catalogue ‘Macedonië’
  • · Catalogue ‘Venetië’


 2015  ‘La silance’ Gallery Holtrop, (NL) 22 febr. -22 maart, solo

  • Okanagan january 18-30, Kelowna BC, group
  • Snap 26 febr,-28 march, Edmonton, AB, groupGallery Holtrop ‘kleintje Kunst’ november, group
  • Le Voix Visuelle ‘Structure numérique’. Ottawa on 11-06-2015, group
  • Enter-into-art ‘the fascination of world art, color and meditation’ Cologna, august.
  • Lessedra Gallery World Art Prints 2015 on 11-06 at 25-09. Sofia, group
  • National Gallery Cadaques, group
  • ‘The fashion of art, color and meditation from around the world’, Cologna, group, 16 - 30 august.
  • Catalogue ’13 Lessedra World Art Prints 2014’
  • Catalogue ‘Sri-Lanka’
  • Catalogue Bimpe VIII , the eigth Biennale International Miniature Print exhibition.


 2016  Cultura Center in Cologna Mühlheim 14 febr.-13 march ,group

  • Diez, House Eberhart 18 -28 march, group
  • Nassau, Cltural Center Günter Leifheit 2 -30 april, group
  • Taller Gallery Fort, Cadaques, Spain, group
  • Fundation Tharrats d’Art Grafics, Barcelona, group
  • Gallery L’Etang d’Art , Bages, France, group
  • ‘Wingfields Barns’, Suffolk, UK, group
  • Project 'Central India'
  • ‘The Language of Friendship’ Gallery Lessedra, Sofia. 6 -26 april, group
  • Miniprint Bïennale Gallery Lessedra june
  • Loolaan Galerie, ‘World Child’, groupe Holland. 21-30 aug.
  • Enter-into-Art, Keulen, december, Germany
  • Le voix Visuelle, Ottawa, ‘Tara DaDa, ‘Ode to Hannah Köch’ 5 nov.-6 dec, group, Canada
  • Magyar, Boedapest, ‘Remember Kandinsky’, Hungaria, group
  • Spanish Flu ,international award Biennale, Hungaria, group
  • Catalogue ’13 Lessedra World Art Prints 2015
  • Bimpe IXCatalogue ’13 Lessedra World Art Prints 2015
  • ’Catalogue ‘Miniprint International de Cadaques.’ 2015
  • Catalogue exhibitions mini art 2016
  • Catalogue Fotografics Central India


2017  Homage to Guillome Appolinaire, Bonn, januari.

  • Prophet Gallery, Budapest, Hommage á Kandinszkij, 27 Febr.-31 March, group
  • Kulturbunker Cologne-Mülheim 4 -15 march, group, Germany
  • Diez, Cultural centre ‘House Eberhart’ 29 april -8 may, group, Germany
  • Nassau, Municipal Museum 3 - 26 april, group, Germany
  • Taller Gallery Fort, Cadaques, Spain, group
  • Fundation Tharrats d’Art Grafics, Barcelona, group, Spain
  • Gallery L’Etang d’Art , Bages, France, group
  • ‘Wingfields Barns’, Suffolk, UK, group
  • Miniprint Bïennale Gallery Lessedra , Bulgaria
  • Enter-into-Art, Keulen, december, Germany
  • Le voix Visuelle, Ottawa,'I babbla, therefore I am' 2 nov.-2 dec.
  • Project E9, Florida
  • National Library of Roemenie ‘Poduri Europiene' group.
  • 8e Mixed Media Exhibition,Gallery Lessedra Bulgarie 13 dec
  • Catalogue ’13 Lessedra World Art Prints 2016’
  • Catalogue ‘Miniprint International de Cadaques.’ 2016
  • Catalogue Le Voix Visuelle, Ottawa 'Tara DaDa' 2016
    • Dubuy, Shagaf collection
    • Magyar, Boedapest collection
    • Lessedra Gallery, Sofia collection
    • Le voix visuelle, Ottawa collection


2018   BIMpe X Canada, FCA Gallery Vancouver 25 sept.

  • Cultur Center Cologne-Mülheim, group, March 4-14 march, Germany
  • Kulturbahnhof Bad Breisig 18-29 aug
  • Town Hall Foyer, 19 nov.-7 dec.
  • Shagafgroup, Nadi Qouz Gallery, 19 -24 Match, Dubai
  • Weissenthurm, Townhall Foyer 3 – 26 april
  • Kobern-Gondorf, Townhall Foyer 3-17 may, 19 nov-7 dec.
  • Taller Gallery Fort, Cadaques, Spain, group, 30 june, 30 sept.
  • Fundation Tharrats d’Art Grafics, Barcelona, Spain, group,19 okt-11 nov
  • Gallery L’Etang d’Art , Bages, France, group 18 nov-21 jan.
  • ‘Wingfields Barns’, Suffolk, UK, group 14 july - 2 sep
  • National Kazanlak museum Gallery, Kazanlakgroup 1 - 30 june
  • Pertimento Art Gallery, Sofia, group, 1-15 july
  • Miniprint Bïennale Gallery Lessedra, Bulgaria, group
  • Le Voix Visuelle, ‘Time spasm’.
  • Le voix Visuelle, Ottawa, permanent collection.
  • Foundation Gallery, Granville Island, 25 sept-6 okt.
  • Dundarave Gallery, Vancouver, 10 okt-27 okt
  • Fine Art Gallery Okanagan, 5 nov-19 nov.
  • The Shaghaf Permanent Collection. My artwork "Friends1-2" (giclee) has been included in the Shaghaf Permanent Collection in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Catalogue ’13 Lessedra World Art Prints 2017’
  • Catalogue ‘Miniprint International de Cadaques.’ 2017
  • Catalogue Le voix Visuelle, Ottawa, ‘I babble’ 2017
  • Catalogue Authentic Marks, Dubai 2018
  • Catalogue Kazanlak Art Gallery, 2018
  • Catalogue Lessedra ‘International mixed media’
  • Catalogue Kunstretreat 2018


2019  Cusanus-Museum te Bernkastel-Kues, Germany 10 febr - 7 april

  • Bad Ems townhall 12 march-12 april, Germany
  • Bimpe SNAP Biennale, Edmond Alaberta, 5jan-19 jan.
  • Cultural center Cologne-Mühlheim, 17-28 april
  • Bonn-Königswinter, Studio Gallery
  • Theater aan de Parade , den Bosch NL 7 april-5 juli.
  • Loolaan Gallery Apeldoorn NL 6 juli-1 august
  • Traveling exhibition ’fascination of worldwide Art an Color' Germany
  • National Kazanlak Gallery, Kazanlakgroup 1-30 june
  • City Library Bonn-Bad Godesberg, 2 may-27 june
  • Taller Gallery Fort, Cadaques, Spain, group 29 june-30 sept.
  • Pineda de Mar 19 okt-11 nov.
  • Gallery L’Etang d’Art , Bages, France, group 17 nov.-20 jan.2020
  • ‘Wingfields Barns’, Suffolk, UK, group 14 july-2 sept
  • Theater aan de Parade, den Bosch  NL 8 sept-10 nov.
  • Centre Voix Visuelle, Ohio group 9 nov.-10 dec.
  • Miniprint Bïennale Gallery Lessedra, Sofia
  • 9th Mixed Media Competition  Gallery Lessedra, Sofia 2019-2020
  • Geselecteerd voor Contamporary Venice 2019, 6 drc-10 jan 2020
  • Theater aan de Parade, den Bosch NL van 19 november tot – januari 2020
  •  Permanent collection

  • Dubuy, Shagaf collection
  • Magyar, Boedapest collection
  • Lessedra Gallery, Sofia collection
  • Le voix visuelle, Ottawa collection
  • Pertimento Art Gallery Sofia collection.


2020 SMAK museum in Gent Belgium 31 okt. 2020 -21 febr. 2021

  • Pineda de Mar, Spain
  • Gallery L’Etang d’Art , Bages, France
  • ‘Wingfields Barns’, Suffolk, UK
  • Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bukarest, mini print
  • Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bukarest mixed media
  • Le voix visuelle, ‘Climate crisis’, Ottawa.
  • Theater aan de Parade, den Bosch NL
  • Dubuy Shagaf group Dubai Art Week, march
  • Theater aan de Parade, ‘Look Behind” Den Bosch NL
  • National Kazanlak Gallery, Kazanlakgroup 1-30 june
  • Deelname contest New York, Brooklyn Gallery
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Theater 1-7 june
  • Kyoto 22 - 30 aug. Art Zone Kaguraoka
  • Osaka 4 - 16 sept. Gallery Irohani
  • Taller Gallery Fort juni-sept., Cadaques, Spain
  • Catalogue ’13 Lessedra World Art Prints 2019’ with special presentation.
  • Catalogue ‘Miniprint International de Cadaques.’ 2019
  • Catalogue Le Voix Visuelle, Ottawa, the crisis’ 2019
  • Catalogue Kazanlak Art Gallery, 2019
  • Catalogue Kunstretreat 2019
  • Catalogue TKO (Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka) 2020
  • Catalogus SMAK Tekenen in Lockdown














Jozina Marina woont en werkt in Biest – Houtakker. Ze studeerde aan de Academie voor Industriële Vormgeving in Eindhoven en studeerde af op 'Sint Joost' te Breda aan de afdeling Monumentale Kunst. Ze heeft veel les gegeven op culturele en vormingscentra, en is en was bestuurslid van diverse kunstenaarsverenigingen en adviescommissies.

Jozina Marina onderscheidt zich door een geheel eigen stijl van werken, die kleurrijk en zeer modern is. Ze maakte al talloze schilderijen, tekeningen en foto's, waarbij de fotografie - in samenhang met de computer - de laatste jaren steeds meer terrein heeft gewonnen. Door de combinatie van digitale fotografie, tekeningen en schilderijen, zag ze talloze nieuwe mogelijkheden. Zo ontwikkelde zij als het ware vloermozaïeken en wandmozaïeken van digitale tekeningen, maar ook van schilderijen. De afzonderlijke afbeeldingen zijn vaak vrijwel abstract en blijken uiteindelijk details te zijn van haar eigen bewerkte foto's en tekeningen. De uitvergrote details maken zich op deze manier helemaal los van het oorspronkelijke beeld en gaan een eigen leven leiden. De abstractie geeft de kijker de mogelijkheid om nieuwe betekenissen te geven aan de afzonderlijke afbeeldingen, stillevens, land- en vergezichten. Soms wordt het beeld verwerkt tot een zelfstandig geheel, in de vorm van een enkelvoudig schilderij of pigmentdruk. Maar ook deze zelfstandige beelden kunnen later weer een onderdeel blijken van een groter geheel. Het werk is overwegend tweedimensionaal, maar kan ook driedimensionale vormen aannemen.
Jozina Marina exposeerde in binnen- en buitenland o.a. in diverse universiteiten, musea, kunstuitlenen, schouwburgen, culturele centra, manifestaties en galeries. Haar werk is in bezit van particulieren, kunstuitlenen en bedrijven in Nederland, België, Portugal, Duitsland, Rusland en Hongarije.

Op dit moment zien we de invloeden van haar reizen door India terug in het werk. De androgyne architectuur waarbij ronde en rechte vormen elkaar afwisselen boeit haar en wordt gebruikt in vormen en structuren. We zien deze architectuur terug bij de Taj Mahal met de ronde koepels, minaretten en marmeren kantwerk, maar ook in de structuren van de dorpen in India. Deze dorpen zijn voor Jozina Marina kleine architectonische impressies waar besloten kastengemeenschappen leven die a.h.w. geen toegang verschaffen aan buitenstaanders wiens leven in vrijheid wordt geleefd. Dit wordt o.a. gesymboliseerd door afsluitsymbolen te plaatsen uit de westerse cultuur, zoals als een amsterdammertje of afzetlint, kant en hekwerk. Zo filosoferen kunst en cultuur met elkaar.

En zo balanceert zij door de beschaving, dat zij uitdrukking geeft in de kleine schilderijen van 30x30.


Jozina Marina van Hees studied monumental art at the Academy St. Joost Breda.

She made manifold paintings, drawings and photos, whereas in recent years photography – in combination with the computer – gained more and more territory. Through the combination of digital photography, drawing and painting she detects numerous new possibilities. Thus she develops as to speak floor-mosaics and wall-mosaics of digital drawings, but also of paintings and analogue photos. The separate pictures often are virtually abstract, but appear in effect to be details of her own manipulated photos and drawing. In this way the blown up details detach themselves from the original image and take up their own live. Sometimes an image is processed into an independent entity, in the form of a singular painting or “pigment print”. However, these independent images can later on appear to be part of a larger whole, as is shown clearly in the compilation ‘Rajasthan’ – a recreated experience (‘Recreated Time’) of an impressive voyage through Northern-India, where religion, architecture and culture determine the human, enclose them in their way of live as it were.

These influences are also integrated in her series of paintings of today. The androgyny architecture in which spherical and cubical forms alternate fascinates her and is expressed in her work. This architecture is shown in well-known monuments as the Taj Mahal, but also in the structure of villages in India. For Jozina Marina these villages are small architectonic impressions where closed communities live, which as it were do not give entrance to outsiders whose lives are lived in freedom. This is symbolized – amongst others – by placing symbols of closure form our own culture, like a traffic-pole or a close off ribbon.

European architecture, interior and customs also are part of the symbolism with which she works in the series ‘Heritage’, ‘Home sweet home', ‘Heels high’ and the small paintings 30x30. She is balancing through cultivation.